Upon receiving a copy this book and reading it, I found the book overall interesting. This book will take you into the hidden fantasies most human beings have within. Throughout the book there is the theme of dominant/submissive role for both sexes. The author delves into the hidden idea that women like to be submissive to a trusting mate. On the other hand, the book explores the thought that powerful and structured men like to be dominated by women.

The language in the book is well mixed. The author used raw verbiage mixed with language that leaves you with a sensory image as well. If you read the raw verbiage as is, you will miss the true meaning for its use. The language is tastefully written. Another aspect in the book I enjoyed was that you cannot identify the race or ethnicity of the characters. Only in two stories will you identify their race. That is if you read closely and look for the subtle hint.

My favorite story is “Kiss and Make Up”. It relates very closely to my personal experiences and how awesome makeup sex can be. In this book you can find a story you can relate to or have fantasized about.

Overall, I recommend this book for erotic reading pleasure . It would make a nice book for singles or couples to share with an open mind to explore new uncharted territory. Sit back, read and adsorb this erotic book and where it will take you.

Pete S., Texas, Aug 09