When I got the copy of Lisa Marie’s book The Carnal Escapades of Good Girls, from the beginning it was a pleasure to read. Each story is an adventure on its own. Witty written are these classy adult stories, which give you an insight in the sexual escapades of the main characters.

All the thirteen stories do have another way and point of view about different ways of sexual exploration and it’s never getting boring. Sometimes the stories are told from the writer’s point of view, and sometimes the main character is telling his or her sexual adventure. You’ll never have a dull moment reading, and it can certainly get you in a special mood to explore and have your own adult adventures, it sure did get me in a naughty state of behaviour…

I think it could give you some great ideas to spice up the action between you and your partner. The stories sure made it clear to me again that whatever you do sex can give you lot’s of fun and pleasure!

Ron vd H., Holland, Sept 11