You want hot and heavy well here it is. The Carnal Escapades of Good Girls by Lisa Marie is so hot it should come with a warning sticker. A cold shower might be needed after reading! Each story is a glimpse into the life of a naughty girl or a good girl turned naughty. Good for turning up the heat on a cold night or spicing up things with your mate!

Kanika H., Washington, DC, August 09

"The Carnal Escapades of Good Girls by Lisa Marie. Carnal Escapades certainly, but GOOD girls? Well it depends on your view of good I suppose. And different views is what this sparkling collection of short stories is all about. Human sexuality from every erotic viewpoint imaginable - threesome - male dom - female domme - girl-on-girl - and all told with enough passion and insight to make you breathless. Each story so hot - dare I say fucking hot - that the reader can't help at the end of each story eagerly starting the next. Give us more, Lisa, more!"

Mike B., UK , July 09

This definitely sizzles! It's a page turner you won't want to put down. The Carnal Escapades of Good Girls is full of those things that make you go hmmm... and gets that imagination flowing. Every page is a new adventure.

Mary M., NC, July 08