The House of Thibideau

David tried to keep his composure as she directed him to put on the trousers. But she was about to measure his inseam. He felt her hand gently moving up his inner thigh. He could feel his cock beginning to swell. She was making the chalk marks when her hand brushed against the head of his growing erection. David's mind raced a mile a minute, "it was just an accident.” He felt a rush of heat all over. "Old, naked, wrinkled nuns" he said over and over to himself. She just continued her work, seeming not to notice the bulge on the left.

Satisfying Stacy

The flight home was excruciating for him. She was wearing the last gift left in her room the night before. He found a denim halter dress that seemed to be made just for her. The bodice hugged her curves to the full skirt that billowed when she walked. The front split revealed the sweep of her calves when she crossed her legs as she took her seat. They did manage to engage in casual conversation but there was no indication that she knew all the gifts were coming from him. The das after the conference just dragged on for Charlie.

The Dommes' Ball

Recently She had some of Her friends over. This had been a new test for him. At first he was apprehensive about it. After all this had been their little secret. During Her "tea party" he was made to serve the six ladies wearing nothing more than an apron. They talked casually as if he wasn't in the room. Yet when any one of them felt like it, they touched him anywhere they chose for as long as they wanted to. One of them played with his cock but he was not allowed to cum. The lady sitting closest to Lady Chyna bent him over to play with his still virgin ass. Sean felt exposed and humiliated. But he was euphoric from the rush of being used this way. He lived to please Her. Once She owned him he couldn't wait for his work day to end so he could spend time with Her. During the days She didn't want him around, he felt like he was withdrawing from a drug.