ower st
Quintessential Good Girl TB
Hello! I was expecting you.

Whenever I say I'm a good girl, someone will give me a sideways look followed by "yeah right". Look at that face. How could I be anything but a good girl?

I'm a wickedly funny, free spirited gypsy trapped in the body of a hopeful romantic. But later you'll figure out I'm that girl your mama warned you about. If you were expecting another porn site, so sorry to disappoint you. What you will find here is my perspective on life, romance and relationships. I'm kind of old fashioned in this fast paced world of falling in love by webcam and breaking up by text message.

Angel St Synner
So where are the true romantics out there? Those of us who still believe in actually dating and find flowers for no reason a beautiful gesture of adoration. I know there are other hopeful romatics around the world. Here we can share in real romance. What you'll find here may inspire you to bring more to the table. Maybe you'll even raise the bar.

Sometimes you'll agree with me or you mght think I've totally lost my mind. Let yourself go when you come here. I hope you'll always find something to make you smile or even laugh.

Welcome to my world!